The lasting damage DJT has done to the reality and the Ideal* of America

As this and many other articles say about Senator Hawley and other Trump sycophants, they probably do and, if not, should know that they are wrong about objecting to the election of Joe Biden as president. In fact, that may be the most disturbing aspect of this stunt. They do know that they are playing a nihilistic game but don’t care. Or, if they do care, ambition or other goals are more important to them than the ideals of America; the ones they took an oath to uphold.

This and many such articles also say that the destruction of the Republican Party would be bad for America; that our political system needs two healthy and sane parties. Even so, why does it have to be the GOP of DJT and McConnell and Graham, et. al? We have lost what were once viable political parties in the past only to see the rise of new ones. Perhaps it’s time again. Out of the ashes of the current GOP, something new is bound to arise. Surely the integrity, conservatism, and patriotism of statespeople like John McCain’s or even Ronald Reagan’s GOP still exist in America. Why can’t they be the basis of a new party?

*the idea of America as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as amended.