Has the U.S. reached rock-bottom?

Just maybe, America’s opportunity to make some long-promised changes to the many imperfections of our Union. As we have learned over recent decades from the AA movement, you have to reach rock bottom before you can climb your way back up. And the Trump Administration has six more months to take us even lower.

Problems related to covid-19, economic depression, and protests over various social issues present us with a societal rock bottom from which we can begin to construct a ladder out.

anguish can be the midwife of progress (see below)

So in a way, we can be hopeful. There’s nowhere to go but up. And there’s far to go. The next president along with a newly Democratic Senate should have plenty of allies in the endeavor to begin righting the many wrongs that the current Administration will leave us. And even if a president Biden is not expected to be a transformational figure, remember that neither was FDR. But the times made the person. Our times call for a transformational figure and Joe Biden along with his newly-minted Democratic allies in the House and Senate will be given an opportunity to transform the wreckage they will find in January 2021.

I worked on Capitol Hill and then lobbied for IBM before they made me an IT geek. Redundant? I’m into politics. Now and then, I’ll throw something else in.