[Update] Repeal Sec. 230 of CDA

Do it. Do it now. Who cares if DJT supports it. Rid the nation, nay the world, of viral hate. If you watched “60 Minutes” on January 3, you know why.

Now that we have seen one man’s accounts, DJT’s, suspended or deleted by numerous social media platforms, it’s not hard to imagine that certain categories of speech can be curtailed too. I’m thinking of updating section 230 of the landmark 1996 Communications Decency Act. If legal liability for various categories of harmful speech, p’uis applied the same way it is to print publications, Twitter, Facebook, reddit, et. al. would have to play by the same rules as The New York Times, The Washington Post, et. al.

There is another take:

I worked on Capitol Hill and then lobbied for IBM before they made me an IT geek. Redundant? I’m into politics. Now and then, I’ll throw something else in.